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OneWithMarx: Cellblock
This user's Political Compass coordinates are -4.00,-3.23.
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This user is accepting of all genders.

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This user is an environmentalist.
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Warning Cellblock!.
This user cries himself to sleep every night because he knows he will never be a cosmonaut.

I joined to try and fight the ignorance. Yay! FIGHT THE IGNORANCE I TELL YOU!


Name: Cellblock
Home: Near Wokingham, Britain
Education: Good enough.
Employment: Unemployed
Political: Cellblock!
Religious: Deist
Orientation: Bi
Activities: Fencing, Making Music
Hobbies: Reading, Internet, Discussions.
Books: Moonchild, Heather has two mommies, Stargirl, The Anarchist Cookbook, Fahrenheit 451
Music: Machinae Supremacy, NIN, MCR, David Bowie, The Beatles, Marilyn Manson
Films: V for Vendetta, Ultraviolet, If..., Fight Club, Donnie Darko


It is many things: A board game, A political party, A strain of virus, An organization and a graffiti tag.


Its colour. Not color But I do like Temperature in thermometers if its measured in centigrade.


Yes I'm bipolar and bisexual. I've heard it before. Don't make fun. I wouldn't change either if I had the choice.