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UserCross.jpg This user is a Baptist.
This user has repented of his sin against God and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Bibleopened.jpeg This user only reads the Bible in a straightforward or literal manner.
Christflag.jpeg This user believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ alone and that all other belief systems are wicked forms of idolatry.
YEC This user is a proud Young Earth Creationist.
This user doesn't believe but knows that evolution cannot explain the complexity of species.
This user is proud to be an American citizen and patriot.
George w bush.jpeg
This user patriotically supports
President George W. Bush.
Sarah Palin.jpg
This user supports Governer Palin.
Sarah Palin.jpg
This user will vote for Sarah Palin, rising Republican star, in 2012!
Patriotic.jpeg This user supports our troops, unlike the liberals!
Cjjfdjfty.png This user supports the Republican party.
Clinton head.jpg This user is disgusted by the tawdry lies brought upon the Presidency by this man
This user believes in the right for every American citizen to keep and bear arms... as outlined by the Second Amendment.
This user knows electing Obama was an Outrageously Big Awful Marxist, America!.