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I'm a Christian conservative programmer who can't stand the hatred the internet gives me for what I do. I argue a lot on sites that misrepresent facts and attempt to push opinions as facts.

I'm knowledgeable in seven languages: HTML, BASIC, C, C++, Java, VBA, and AS2.

I can't stand profanity, sexual innuendos, and hatred towards specific groups.

I'm always ready to help in anything!

Oh, and I've been banned twelve times from Wikipedia for attempting to post evidence against evolution, changing criticism against George W. Bush to have fewer loaded words, and giving evidence that Obama was not eligible for office when he ran in 2008.

I am glad to finally have a website that will allow true unbiased views from both sides!

Note: I view spelling, grammar and punctuation as very important; therefore, I will change any errors I see. Please know that it's simply a mistake revision and not an attack on your spelling and grammar skills; everyone messes up sometimes. If you see any error in what I am writing, please change it; I would like everything I write to be error-free.