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alright. i have a wikipedia account at No time for makin a page here. if u want to know about me, go there.

Wiki/Con This user thinks Conservapedia is inferior to Wikipedia in every way.
Lib/Con This user thinks Conservatism is inferior to Liberalism in every way.
Con=Bad This user hates stubborn conservatives who make broad judgements about people based on the clothes they wear and the music the listen to.
P-C! This user is pro choice, and if that baby would be born into a conservative household, would have encouraged the abortion twice as much.
Clinton This user knows that Bill Clinton is better than any Republican president ever except Ronald Reagan.
Darwin This user knows that evolution is responsible for humans, and that people who take the "7 day creation" thing literally need a reality checkup.
This user has not accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and thinks that God having a son saving our sin is just ridiculous, as is the concept of a virgin birth, God having a son, and the Christian right.
LedHead This user believs that rock music is not evil, but in fact more spiritual than Jesus himself, and that rock music has had an overwhelmingly good influence on the world. Satanism isn't affiliatied with rock music, this user knows.