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I'm liberal. That's the facts.

Liberal should not be a put down.

A List? Lets

  • Commie? No. Socialist? Yes.
  • Gay? No, Are homosexuals people too? Yes
    • Do people that want to be together have the right to be? You better bet.
  • Do I trust Richard Nixon more than Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush combined? Spot on.
  • Atheist? Not really, but I'm not a theist (we can't possibly know if God does exist, so I don't bother)
    • Are theists better people than atheists? No.
    • Are atheists better people than theists? No.
  • Anti-corporate? America is being raped of its hardwork just so the greed of a few people can be fullfilled
  • Environmentalist? Affirmitve
    • Global Warming? Is it hot in here?
    • EnvironMENTAList? Not about the environment.
    • Animal Testing? Only if it is reasonable (we just can't feed 'em uranium)
  • Should we talk to our enemies? Believe it or not diplomacy prevents wars, which saves peoples lives.
  • Is the War in Iraq a sucess? Was Vietnam a sucess?
    • Is Iraq as bad as Vietnam? Just give it time.
  • Did America screw up? It did, and will.
  • Did America do good? Put my money on that.
  • Should every American trust the government 100%? If you want to be under a new Hitler go right ahead.
  • School vouchers? All it will do is make the problem someone else's (i.e. not the government)
  • Universal Health Care? No person should ever be denied necessary medical care, no matter the cost (as decided by a doctor not an insurance company)
  • Is there a liberal bias in the media? Yes (a wee bit)
    • Is America more liberal than most people are willing to believe? Its true.
  • Do I hate most people in my age group (14-25)? Must destroy, youths of America.
  • Do I hate most people in your age group? Most likely.
  • Why do I hate everyone? People just can't be decent to one another anymore (just go for a drive and see what I mean)
  • Affirmitve Action? Only based on income not race.
  • Every man has some credit to his name no matter how evil, vile or wicked.
  • Best plan for America now? Legalize marijuana (lower prison expenses, increase revenue with a tax).
  • Am I a pot head? No.
  • Guantanamo Bay? It's an American gulag.
  • Is/was North Korea more dangerous than Iraq could ever hope to be? Yes.\


To put it frankly, great place to be. In about 300 years we, as a nation, have accomplished as much (and more) as any other nation on Earth. Sadly, though, this includes crimes and injustices. For example, the Invasion of Iraq was wrong, Vietnam was a waste of everything, the Spanish-(Cuban-Filipino)American War was an imperialistic adventure, the internment of Japanese people in WWII was wrong, Guantanamo Bay is just an American gulag, and our government is in the pocket of lobbyists and corporations. On the good side though, everyone is free do what they please (as long as they don't infringe on others) and if something is unfair they have the right and ability to challenge it. Our founders were good and wise men (although they had their flaws [coughslavescough]) that created a government based on a document that could be interperted based on the times, a living document if you will. This is not to say that that document didn't have some parts that were written with the time period specifically in mind. Those parts were written as the situations they represented appeared as if they would be around forever (i.e. slavery, or the need for guns).

And Now For Something Different

And now for something completely different. My Saracastic Take on The Conservative Take On Public Schools

  • Our public schools are just factories of evil. Every day they churn out millions of mass murders with their atheistic ways. Take me for example; junior in high school, everyday I make constantly immoral decisions like helping someone who dropped their books, complementing someone on their class project, or congratulating someone on their test grades. No doubt that these terrible misdeeds were caused by the public school system and not poor-parenting or mental issues. None of these kids will have any future at all; look at my 3.96 GPA or 4 scheduled AP tests this year.

Just Look at Some the Nuts Produced by Public Schools

And the list just goes on. But seriously public schools does not create or teach morals, like the media does not dictate what we think about an issue (only what to think about), our home environment does that.

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