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"Doubters do not achieve, skeptics do not contribute, cynics do not create." -Calvin Coolidge


I am a 21 year old (there goes my credibility) conservative (got some back) living in Chicago (gone again) I have been a conservative since as long as I can remember. I was a boy scout and a private school student. I wasn't very reverent until High School. I really began to understand God's importance at Holy Cross High School in River Grove, IL. My theology teacher was instrumental in showing me that the Bible isn't always literal, but uses metaphor to teach moral lessons. He guided me to understand that God exists and works in many, sometimes unnoticed ways.

I believe strongly in free speech. No voice, however small, should ever be silenced. The media sickens me with it's left-wing bias. I support gun owners and gun rights. I own several firearms myself. I am a recent NRA member. My faith in gun rights has increased in recent years as police find themselves outgunned in Chicago. If the civilian population could help them fight back, my city would be safer. Mr. Daley still disagrees, then under-staffs his own force.

I oppose the liberal bias in public education. I have had a social science teacher with a Ward Churchill attitude try to feed me her "blame America" attitude. My response was, "Yes, white settlers killed Native Americans, but the Mayan and Aztec had been sacrificing each other and warring for centuries before white men arrived." She had no retort to me, but never would have taught that dirty little secret to the class. I called her out on historic revisionism. She told me to shut it. Ever since then, I have opposed bleeding-heart liberals.

When I was told to omit "under God" from the Pledge, I spoke that portion the loudest. I was never afraid to defy "authority." When asked why I would stand against them, I borrowed from Patric Henry, "if this be treason, let us make the most of it!"

I have never supported abortion. I was, in an odd way, an abortion survivor. My unborn brother died in an abortion, and 2 years later, I was conceived. I lived because he died. I have always taken such a strong stance against abortion because I know that someone had to die for me to live. Some people tell me it's survivor's guilt. I call it knowing right from wrong.