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This user believes that evolution cannot explain the complexity of species.
OEC This user is an old-Earth creationist.
Patriotic.jpeg This user supports our troops!
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This user believes that firearms should be controlled, regardless of your interpretation of the Second Amendment.
Karikatur 7.jpg Freedom of speech can be dangerous, but must be upheld by every one of us.
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This user is Catholic

Hi! I am new here, so any help and advice would be nice. I live in New York with my grandmother and seven cats and I currently attend the Saint Francis Prep High School in Queens. I found out about this site from my Political Science Club. I'm one of only three conservatives there.


I am an Old-Earth Creationist, like my grandmother. We go to Church every Wednesday and Sunday, and I am Catholic.

Gun ControlEdit

I don't like guns at all. Both my parents were killed while we were vacationing in Florida by a drunk who stumbled into the middle of the road and started firing. That's why I'm against guns. But I believe Jesus has a plan, and with His strength, I found that I can still help people cope with loss in my school and I am still strong thanks to my Grandmother's loving support.

Pages I createdEdit

I don't have any particular interests, aside from my pets. I'll be creating pages from the Special:WantedPages in order to fix those pesky red-links.