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(Longer than the Jesus Article)
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[[Alger Hiss]]
[[Alger Hiss]]
[[American History Lecture Two]]
[[George Washington]]
[[George Washington]]

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Hello everyone! I am Olaf Vyngarsson, a Norwegian-American. I moved to the US because Europe is not a good place to be a godfearing Christian anymore. I am ready to kick some liberal bias! :)

Longer than the Jesus Article

Here is an (incomplete) list of articles which are longer than the Conservapedia article on Jesus, as of April 12th, 2007. I think it is a shame that we cannot write a great article on Jesus. Come on, guys! :)

Alger Hiss

American History Lecture Two

George Washington


David Karr

Economics Lecture Three

Economics Lecture Six

Edwin R. Thiele

Equal Rights Amendment

Free will in theology


Michael Greenberg


Origin of the Moon