User:Willminator Is there anyone in the media (including Fox News) who takes an uncompromising Biblical stance in a 6 literal day, recent creation?

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You can be anonymous if you wish, but please state the news / newspaper organization or network you work for and whether you are a news anchor, a reporter, or a journalist. Write out your testimony and explain what keeps your beliefs going even when working in a hostile environment toward all conservative Christian beliefs and values. If you want to tell me privately, email me at This is for personal knowledge. I’ll keep what you say to myself and I’ll pray for you. That’s why I ask, and I also ask out of curiosity; for my own strengthening of my faith, and of others if you wish; and if possible, to form a social group where one can pray and strengthen each other in the Lord and where we can become friends and talk.

Please write on the section below for those who wish. May God bless you all.


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