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I think the main problem with Wikipedia is NPOV (neutral point of view) - in reality, no one can agree on what a neutral point of view is. I think a much better approach is to have several encyclopedias with competing viewpoints (POVs). I don't really share Conservapedia's viewpoint, but I don't want to sabotage it either. I think the more POV-specific encyclopedia choices, the better - whether they are my POV or not. Let's have a free market of encyclopedias. I have written several articles for [ A Storehouse of Knowledge], I have copied some here when I think they would fit in with this site. I am careful however to only copy what I have written, not any edits by other people. I identify as a religious liberal; but one thing I do have in common with many Conservapedia editors, is a disagreement with atheism, especially organized atheism. So I am hopeful I can contribute positively to articles on the topic of atheism.