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Tribute to Dean

Dean, I realise that messing with someone else's talk page is not done, and so I apologise, but thought that on this occasion it was more important to say this.

Conservapedia is an important project, and it needs you. You have been a very active contributor, and an inspirational and fair minded sysop: we cannot afford to lose people of your calibre. I appreciate that your faith and attachment to the Mormon creed have led you to this, but I appeal to you to reconsider: stand up for your faith on this ground, as you have done so far and been a fine ambassador for your church; and return to help continue building up Conservapedia into a great force for good. You have done so much already: please consider how much more there is to be done. Thanks for reading! Bugler 06:09, 22 June 2008 (EDT)