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Useful links


Hello, Economist, and welcome to Conservapedia!

We're glad you are here to edit. We ask that you read our Editor's Guide before you edit.

At the right are some useful links for you. You can include these links on your user page by putting "{{Useful links}}" on the page. Any questions--ask!

Thanks for reading, Economist!


Math Markup

Hi, Economist. I just wanted to further TK's comments about the math markup. For most simple things (e.g. numbers, subscripts, superscripts), you don't need math markup, just regular HTML (there are buttons for these in the edit bar). For more complicated things, or things like Greek letters, you need to enter math mode using <math> and exit it using </math>. Many LaTeX commands are straightforward to guess: Greek letters are \nameofletter, for example \kappa, \delta, or \Delta, which give . The commands are case sensitive as you can see. Other things you might want are:

  • \frac{num}{denom} which yields .
  • _ is subscript, ^ is superscript, and by default they only take one thing as argument, so if you want multiple numbers, use {} to denote the scope. Compare: \sigma_12 with \sigma_{12}: versus .
  • \lim_{x\to \infty} f(x) yields

Curly braces {} are used to denote the argument of a command.

Any other LaTeX questions, feel free to ask me. Also, when editing articles, make sure there are enough links to other articles where important topics are talked about. L'Hopital's rule was a little barren with just one link. -Foxtrot 05:55, 16 February 2009 (EST)

Thanks for the compliment, but...

While it's appreciated, I'd prefer that your remove that userbox if you don't mind. I like to contribute here in a low-key manner, and my viewpoints draw enough criticism without people thinking it's about attention-seeking or ego on my part. As long as I get to make my points without reversion or being blocked, I'm content, but it's nice to know that they are appreciated. --DinsdaleP 18:18, 16 February 2009 (EST)