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And you're not lying yourself about Obama? Before I booted you out for a couple hours when you told ASchlafly to "grow up", you said this:

"It was a joke. He was making a joke about how he had been everywhere and then some. He's not a Muslim, he never has been. Grow up."

Then today, you said this:

"I edited out all of the rumors and nonsensical statements. Obama never had to change his name because he never converted from Islam. Calling him an Affirmative Action President is just a flat out lie."

You're saying Obama is a Muslim; you're saying Obama is not a Muslim. You edits to the Obama article will be reverted until you get your own facts together. Karajou 15:19, 18 June 2008 (EDT)

I think he meant that Obama was never a Muslim in the first place. That would mean that he didn't convert from Islam. FernoKlumpLook at this petition! 15:32, 18 June 2008 (EDT)
I should have said "Obama never had to change his name because he never had to convert from Islam". I changed it around becuase i had reached the summary character limit. I had also written comments about his mistake about Auschwitz (instead of Buchenwald), but I left them out of the summary because of said character limit. Let me clarify my stance, so that it cannot be later adulterated by people such as yourself.
I believe that Obama is currently a christian. He may have studied Islam in school, but so did I. Most American children study other religions. I believe that Obama never was, never has been, and will highly likely not become a Muslim anytime soon.
I gave you an inch on accident, and you took a circumnavigation.GorillaSalsa