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Uzhhorod Holocaust memorial located in Eugene Fentsyk Square.
Antisemitic graffiti in 2022.

Uzhhorod (also spelled Uzhgorod) is a city in Ukraine.

The city is particularly known for its Jewish population being massacred during the Holocaust. It was first annexed by Hungary due to the Munich Accords, following which antisemitic laws were enacted.[1] Between 1939 and 1940, Jews of Polish citizenship were expelled to Poland; four years later, all 25,000 Jewish residents of Uzchhorod were forced into a ghetto before being sent to Auschwitz, the majority of which ultimately were murdered.[1]

On February 23, 2014 during the Maidan coup members of the Pravy Sektor tied the regional administration head of customs S. Harchenko to a pole in front of administration building. The militants threatened him with violence, and he was forced to resign.[2]

In December 2022 amidst the NATO war in Ukraine, antisemitic graffiti was found in Uzhhorod, with slogans reading "Kill the Jews," "Death to the Jews," "The Jews are killing us," and "Throw the Jews out of Ukraine."[3] Two prominent Jewish media outlets reported the incident while the mainstream media noticeably ignored the story.


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