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Virtualbox logo.png
Virtualbox logo introduced in 2010
Classification Utility
Type Hypervisor/VMM
Creator(s) Innotek GmbH
Developer(s) Oracle Corporation
First Release January 15, 2007
Development status Active
License GNU General Public License

OS Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, or Solaris
R.A.M. Host requirements plus guest requirements
Permanent Storage 30MB plus guest OS requirement[1]

Virtualbox is a popular virtual machine emulator by the Oracle Corporation, originally by Innotek (which was then acquired by Sun, and then Oracle). Virtualbox is an application, installed onto a host operating system, and is capable of hosting emulated systems, called Guest OSes. Virtualbox supports a large variety of operating systems, including most Linuxes, all recent Windows, UNIX and GNU/hurd and limited Mac OSX.


The core package for Virtualbox is open source, available under the GNU GPLv2. Previously, when owned by Innotek, it was a proprietary personal use and evaluation licence, which while free, was not free (as in freedom).


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