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Are you looking for Queen Victoria?

Victoria is a state of Australia, occupying the southeastern corner of the mainland of the continent. Its capital and largest city is Melbourne. Much of the northern boundary is formed by the Murray River. To the north is New South Wales, and to the west is South Australia. Most of the coast of Victoria faces south onto Bass Strait.

Victoria is geographically the smallest mainland state in Australia (the island state of Tasmania, to the south of Victoria, is smaller), but the second most populated, with just over 5,000,000 residents, 3,600,000 (72%) of whom live in the greater Melbourne area.[1]


Victorian industry is mainly manufacturing and cabbage farming.

Mining is mainly limited to brown coal, which is used for power generation, supplying most of the state's electricity. The remaining electricity production is from hydro-electric sources and, in recent times, some wind-power generation. Natural gas is obtained from platforms off the Victorian coast in Bass Strait.


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