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Vijaya Gadde

Vijaya Gadde

Vijaya Gadde (b. 1974 India) is the former chief censor[1][2] of free speech - specifically targeting conservatives,[3][4] at Twitter under Jack Dorsey and later Parag Agrawal. Her role included handling what Twitter called "harassment, misinformation, and harmful speech". Gadde has been accused of meddling in the 2020 United States Presidential Election and affecting the outcome. She is considered by many as an extremist threat to democracy.

Raw elections interference

Political candidates were subject to shadowbanning while they were running for office or seeking re-election.[5]

Elon Musk has criticized her in the past, accusing her of blocking the NY Post’s Hunter Biden coverage even before the Twitter Files revelations.

She broke down in tears in April 2022 when addressing colleagues about the future of Twitter once Musk moved to takeover the company.

Gadde was singled out in the explosive censorship of the Hunter Biden scandal Laptop from hell.[6][1]

In 2021, she earned at Twitter $17 million in salary.


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