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The Village Voice is a leading extreme liberal free weekly newspaper published in New York City, having a free circulation of perhaps 240,000 per week. It spices its commentary and articles with occasional profanity and sometimes cartoons mocking Republican Party officials, such as former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Founded in 1955 in a two-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village by Dan Wolf, Ed Fancher and Norman Mailer, the Village Voice remains one of the most influential voices of the American far left. The offices of the paper are at Cooper Square in the East Village.

In 2005 the Village Voice was purchased by a media conglomerate and there has been criticism of its perceived change in character:[1]

The Village Voice is now managed by two libertarians from Phoenix, Arizona. They merged New Times with Village Voice Media, they took the name, Village Voice Media, but the controlling party are these two from Phoenix. They came to town, they fired veterans, they imposed conditions that were so difficult for others that they resigned, they lost an editor. In the view of many veterans at the Voice, they crushed the spirits of the newspaper and tried to impose a style whose fit for the city remains open to question. For example, many people at the Voice were concerned that there was a political purge ... in my view that's not very alternative at all.