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Virginity as a term is an expression of purity. It implies pure, unadulterated, chaste. A virgin is a continent person of either sex who has not married.

Some girls stay secretive about their Christianity and desire for virginity until marriage. Don’t be ashamed to let others know where you stand. Ask your youth pastor about signing a document proclaiming your purity commitment. Then tell others about it. Consider wearing a purity symbol such as a ring or special necklace — especially on dates. These have no special power, but they can remind you of your plan to remain sexually pure. What's Your Plan for Sexual Purity? by Elaine Creasman.

The virginity is respected and valued in certain societies. Female virginity is interwoven with personal or family honour in some cultures. Some men give special value to virgin women.

In some subcultures, however, virginity is looked down upon, as it can be seen to imply general immaturity.

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