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Logo of Voat Beta (until 2019).

Voat.co was, in its own words, is "a censorship-free community platform."[1] It was a website that mimics content and format of Reddit whereby you vote up or down submitted entries. The co-founder was Atif Colo. Originally called WhoaVerse in 2014, they changed their name to Voat in 2015 and incorporated in the USA. The site's mascot was a goat until they were shut down by the liberal elites.[2]

As Reddit grew large and accepted public financing, their original mission of free speech was shuttered. Users and groups were blocked that were not politically correct. This led to a surge of members quitting and joining Voat. Each new Reddit outrage lead to massive new memberships at Voat. So much so that Voat fell victim to overloaded servers. Reddit is so far left on the political spectrum that conservatives are effectively banned from submissions to the politics category. As a result, Voat's politics subverse was allegedly populated with right-leaning users.

Alexa global rank in July 2017 is 6,000.[3]


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