War on Christmas

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The War on Christmas refers specifically to the controversy surrounding the celebration or acknowledgment of the Christmas holiday in government, media, advertising and other secular environments. Modern-day controversy occurs around the world, and stems from the holiday's significant annual role in celebrating cultural values in Western society. See The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought. Fox News has been particularly vocal in the War on Christmas, trying to prevent secular censorship of Christmas celebration.[1] Bill O'Reilly has devoted numerous segments on his show in recent years to the War on Christmas.

Atheists started the War on Christmas, often feigning concern for the sensitivities of Jews and other religious groups who do not celebrate Christmas, knowing people sympathize with Jews, but rarely ever with atheists. This is typical of the selfishness of atheism.

As Part of the Culture Wars

Culture War is a term used to describe the swaying of what is acceptable in a society between culturally conservative and liberal. To that end, the War on Christmas is a major skirmish in that war. Each year, more and more secular progressives work to eradicate the right of major retailers to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Christmas" in favor of the more benign, and ultimately godless "Happy Holidays." The term Christmas Tree is also being replaced by Holiday Tree in some places. When the retailer gives in, they are less likely to begin using the older terms again, and, in order to save money and time, will simply acquiesce to the will of the liberal protesters, saying "Happy Holidays" from that time on.

Conservatives argue that this is a form of censorship by the liberal minority in society, tasked with the purpose of removing even the smallest mention of the Christmas Holiday. An obvious danger for conservatives is the notion that such an issue will become a slippery slope. Once the issue is removed from public discourse, the next removal becomes that much easier.

True Christians and the War on Christmas

True Christians know that the Christmas is all about celebrating the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. They recognize that the War on Christmas focuses largely on the commercial or otherwise non-religious aspects of modern Christmas celebration, and has little to do with the true Miracle and message of Christmas.[2] It shouldn't matter how people greet each other at malls or other retail establishments, or what name they give to a festively decorated evergreen.


As is common, individuals with a tendency toward liberal ideologies will not see the War on Christmas as real, and may even deny that there is such a controversy.


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