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===Free speech===
===Free speech===
:''Main article: [[Free speech#Examples of restrictions and/or censorship of free speech in the West]]''
:''Main article: [[Free speech#Examples of restrictions and/or censorship of free speech in the West]]''
The [[totalitarian]] [[Left]] is [[intolerant]] of [[criticism]].

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The War on Freedom refers to the decline in the level of individual freedom, respect for natural law and unalienable rights, and self-governance in Western countries. This decline is advocated by liberals.

Natural law, unalienable rights, and the U.S. founding fathers

See also: natural law, unalienable rights, and self-governance
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Examples of the War on Freedom

Religious freedom

Main article: Religious freedom#Examples of restrictions on religious freedom in the West

Free speech

Main article: Free speech#Examples of restrictions and/or censorship of free speech in the West

The totalitarian Left is intolerant of criticism.


See also: Gun control

Restrictions limiting and even abolishing the ability of citizens to physically defend themselves have significantly increased since the early 20th century. The right to self-defense, considered by the U.S. founding fathers as a core human right that enabled human freedom, has come under greater threat than before.[1]

Big Tech

See also: Big Tech

Big Tech has evolved into a form of monopolistic corporatism, asserting more and more control over personal freedoms and privacy. The technology in the hands of Big Tech – the microchip, the cell phone, GPS tracking – was developed for military use by taxpayers through the DARPA program.[2] Patents are now held by private technocrats who wish to remake the world into their own ideological image by destroying Constitutional rights – freedom of speech, religion, freedom of association and other basic rights.

Tyranny by judges

See also: Judicial activism

Liberals have traditionally avoided legislation and the consent of the governed to bring about social change, and have focused on judicial fiat law to impose a cultural Marxist agenda, abortion and same sex marriage being only two of dozens of obvious examples.

Attack on national sovereignty

Main article: War on Sovereignty

Growth in bureaucracy

See also: Administrative State and Deep State

Growth in bureaucracy comes at the cost of individual freedom. The U.S. federal bureaucracy and number of regulations – along with other western countries – has exponentially increased since the beginning of the 20th century. The permanent institutional bureaucracy, the civil service system, becomes an unelected fourth branch of government whose primary interests are often career advancement, job security, and avoiding responsibility for failure.

Socialism and environmentalism

See also: Green New Deal and Democratic Socialism

Socialism degrades the human spirit by elevating one of the worst human vices - envy, and making it the basis of law for a society and the model of human virtue.

Socialists weaponize climate science to further their political goals. They argue that the only solution to the alleged "crisis" or human-caused global warming is the adoption of globalist and socialist social and economic policies.

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