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(See also)
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*[[Atheism and social outcasts]]
*[[Atheism and social outcasts]]
*[[Atheism and public relations]]
*[[Essay: "We are atheism" campaign faces some challenges]] - humor/satire
*[[Essay: "We are atheism" campaign faces some challenges]] - humor/satire

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The We are Atheism campaign is an initiative launched in 2011 to promote atheism by means of having atheist be more outspoken about their atheism instead of hiding it from others.[1]

As far as various views on atheists within the United States, research in the American Sociological Review finds that among several groups listed, atheists are the group that Americans relate least to in terms of their vision of American society and are the group most likely to be mentioned as one that Americans would not want to have marry into their family. [2] Dr. Sam Harris is one of the founders of the New Atheism movement. Sam Harris is quite aware of the stigma surrounding atheism and has even advocated that atheists no longer call themselves atheists.[3] In fact, Dr. Harris has said concerning the label of atheist, "It's right next to child molester as a designation."[4]

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