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A welfare queen is someone who manipulates the welfare system to their gain (not necessarily female). This is most commonly done by collecting benefits (e.g. unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.) for long periods of time, sometimes indefinitely, without trying to improve one's financial situation by finding a job. It can also refer to someone who collects welfare fraudulently. Welfare queens are often lazy and have an undeserved sense of entitlement to government handouts.

The concept of a welfare queen was popularized by then-candidate Ronald Reagan during the United States presidential election, 1976. At the time, Reagan spoke generally about a specific welfare queen without mentioning her by name. Later, it was revealed that Linda Taylor was the person Reagan was referencing.[1] The term was actually coined by George William Bliss of the Chicago Tribune.

The concept of a "welfare queen" has become a sort of a dog-whistle for race-hustling socialists who seek to play the race card and gain an electoral advantage. Someone needs to let them know that Linda Taylor was white.

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