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Wheaton College is an increasingly liberal institution of higher education that was originally founded on Christian principles. It has about 600 students per grade and costs about $31,000 per year (including room and board); fewer than half who are offered admission decide to enroll.[1] It is located in Wheaton, Illinois, which is a town west of Chicago.

Wheaton College espouses liberal beliefs to Christian students, marketing itself heavily to the evangelical community but then indoctrinating them to believe in abortion and the theory of evolution.

A typical presentation at Wheaton on the topic of abortion makes no mention of the medical and psychological harm that abortion causes to the mother, omits and distorts religious, Biblical, and economic arguments against abortion, uses deceptive terminology of abortion supporters, and conceals how abortionists do not fully disclose the adverse effects of the procedure to the patients.[2] The executive director of Emily's List, which channels tens of millions of dollars to pro-abortion politicians, is a graduate of Wheaton College and has been picked amid criticism by conservatives to be President-Elect Barack Obama's communications director.[3][4]

On the theory of evolution, Wheaton professors promote belief in the theory despite its fundamental conflict with Jesus's redemptive sacrifice.[5]

Yet students would never expect the above indoctrination from the display of "For Christ and His Kingdom" at its entrance and on the front of Wheaton's website.[6]


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