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Hello, and welcome to Wikiproject:News. We are a project trying to improve both the "In the News" section and the "Previous Breaking News" articles by subject. The immediate purpose of the "Previous Breaking News" is to allow editors to review news articles they might have missed while away from the site. The ultimate purpose of the "Previous Breaking News" is to update the corresponding Conservapedia articles.


To sign up simply put *~~~~.

If you are a liberal... we are not going to put liberal items on the Main Page, so your suggestions will be ignored and you will be removed from this project. You can contribute by creating wanted articles that link to the Main page.

Since Conservapedia administrators have edit rights to the "In the news" section of the Main Page, Admins are automatically members of Wikiproject:News and do not need to sign up.


In the News

This subsection is for suggestions for the "In the news" section of the Main Page. The news section is not trying to be unbiased. News items will be biased toward conservative, Christian people and views.

This doesn't mean we are going to place information which is incorrect, uncertain, or known to be false. Our "bias" is one of interest and perspective. However, the misleading interpretations, wishful thinking and outright lies of the (mainstream) liberal media will not be presented here. Conservapedia aims to expose and debunk such propaganda.

We're also not trying to reproduce Fox News and report on every news story. There will be a wide range of sources (including blogs) that illustrate news and opinions according to the guidelines.

Review the Guidelines. Make your suggestions here.

Top three contributors (News Suggestions)

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Today in History

If you have a suggestion for "Today in History", post it here. Your article will be posted on the Main Page on the corresponding day.

Wanted Pages

This is a very important part of this project. Some of the news articles posted on the Main page need new articles created on Conservapedia. If you create a wanted page for a news article, it will be wikilinked on the Main Page.

Top three contributors (Wanted Pages)

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Previous Breaking News

This subsection is for updates to the Previous Breaking News by Subjects. The ultimate purpose is to use the previous news articles to update the corresponding Conservapedia articles.

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