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William Honig was the Superintendent of the California Department of Education from around 1986 to around 1991, during which time he initially rejected the application for accreditation from the ICR Graduate School, the educational arm of the Institute for Creation Research.


Beginning in April 1991, Mr. Honig came under investigation for a conflict-of-interest and misuse of Federal funds in connection with a business that his wife ran, that had a contract with the State that he as superintendent oversaw. Honig was indicted, tried, convicted, fined, placed on probation, removed from office, and barred from holding any office of honor, trust or profit in the State of California. In the course of the pretrial investigation and trial, Honig would repeatedly complain that the California Attorney General and other officials were accusing him falsely in revenge for his treatment of ICR and his stand on the teaching of evolution. According to Bergman, the judges in his case had no sympathy for his arguments or his case.[1]

At least one observer, however, has speculated that Mr. Honig's abrupt settlement with ICR in 1990 was a vain attempt to forestall the investigation into his and his wife's business activities.[2]


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