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Dr. William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig is a renowned Christian scholar, philosopher, and Christian apologist. He currently holds the position of Research Professor of Philosophy at the Talbot School of Theology in La Miranda, California.

Born 23 August 1949, at age sixteen W. L. Craig pledged his life to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Thus began a career, indeed a calling, dedicated to the Gospel. Craig completed a B. A. at Wheaton College in 1971, and two M. A. degrees at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1974 and 1975 (in the philosophy of religion and church history), and a Ph. D. from the University of Birmingham (England) in 1977. Craig also received a D. Theol. from the University of Munich in 1984, where he studied under the famous Wolfhart Pannenberg.

Craig is known for his Christian apologetics, specifically concerning the Resurrection, the existence of God, and theocentric ethics. Craig's case for the existence of God usually involves five central arguments:

  • the cosmological argument, which includes Craig's specially-developed Kalam argument
  • the argument from fine-tuning
  • the moral argument
  • the argument from the historicity of the Resurrection
  • the argument from personal experience

Craig has won all or nearly all of his debates with atheists and is one of the most impressive debaters currently alive, a fact which even atheists attest to.[1]

William Lane Craig is Reported to Have Called Richard Dawkins a Coward

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Dr. William Lane Craig is one of Christianity's leading defenders and many individuals over the years have attempted to arrange a debate between Dr. Craig and Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins has offered various ruses on why he will not debate William Lane Craig, which Dr. Craig supporters have shown were inconsistent and merely a dodge to avoid debating one of Christianity's strongest advocates.[2][3]

Christian apologist Dr. Victor Reppert is the author of C. S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument from Reason.[4] In 2007, Dr. Reppert wrote:

Bill Craig sent me a newsletter in which he will be debating twice in the UK on "Is God a Delusion" but will not be debating Dawkins himself. Now that would be the debate to see! Having seen this, I wrote him saying "Oh drat! no debate with Dawkins!" He responded:

The coward! He said, "I've never heard of William Craig. A debate with him might look good on his resume, but it wouldn't look good on mine!"


There is now growing public pressure for the prominent evolutionist and atheist Richard Dawkins to debate the Christian philosopher of science and Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig.[5][6] For example, currently there is a petition for Richard Dawkins debate William Lane Craig. [5] YouTube recently featured a video which incorporates an audio excerpt of Craig stating that he would like to debate Dawkins and also features Dr. Craig commenting on Dawkins refusal to debate him.[6]

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