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Wool is a fiber made from the hair of sheep, goats, lamas or alpacas. While many find wool to be rather coarse against the skin, premium wool is very soft and comfortable against the skin. Extrafine wool is super premium and is used in men's suiting of the highest quality knits. Wool has natural stretch and breathability. It moves when you do, keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot and adds natural comfort around the home. It's also fire resistant. Wool can be more comfortable unlined because it breathes and takes moisture away from the body. Lining material is synthetic and can't breathe the way natural wool does.

Wool Blends

Fibers such as nylon or rayon are often blended with wool to add a novelty quality or decorative effect. But it's important to know that any sort of blended wool goes against the Bible[1].


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