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Brookings Institute analyst Ron Haskins said that if the administration "wanted to undermine the work requirement," the new policy "is a way to do it." [1]

Prof. Douglas Besharov of the University of Maryland said, "If I believed in the work requirements, I wouldn't put in language encouraging states to lift them all."

One of the ways in which states could be allowed to “meet the work requirement” is by not meeting the work requirement, i.e., by sending out welfare checks without requiring that nearly half the recipients perform 30 hours of work-related activities (which is not a particularly burdensome standard to begin with). National Review

Amy Payne writes, "The Obama Administration is denying that it has gutted the work requirements from the 1996 welfare reform law, despite all evidence that it has." [2]

Ann Coulter wrote

"What "every fair analyst" and "every fact checker" means when they call Romney's ad "false" is: We, the media, don't consider exempting welfare recipients from the requirement of having to work "gutting" the work requirements. [3]