World History Homework Eight

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World History Homework Eight
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer five of the following questions (honors - answer seven of the following):

1. Explain what the "balance of power" was, and give an example.

2. What was the Scientific Revolution, and why was it significant?

3. Explain who Isaac Newton was, and what he achieved.

4. When was the Age of Exploration, and who were some of its leaders?

5. What were the nation-states, how were they different from prior forms of government? Give an example as part of your answer.

6. The "invisible hand" was discovered and explained by whom? Discuss, including when, why, the effect, and the name of the work.

7. Write an essay of 150 words or more about any aspect of the lecture.

8. Give an example of an event or two that occurred in the American colonies because of what was happening somewhere else in the world.

9. Describe what the "Enlightenment" was, including an example.

10. Pick any individual mentioned in the lecture and explain what he achieved.