World History Homework Eight

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World History Homework Five
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer four of the following questions (honors - answer six of the following):

1. Whom do you appreciate the most from the Enlightenment, and why?

2. Explain what the Scientific Revolution was.

3. Some say that Isaac Newton was the most influential person in world history after Jesus Christ. What is your view? Explain.

4. Describe an aspect of the Age of Exploration.

5. What were the nation-states? Give an example as part of your answer.

6. The "invisible hand" was discovered and explained by whom? Discuss, including when, why, the effect, and the name of the work.

7. Write an essay about any aspect of the lecture.

8. Explain how the American colonies fit into part of world history in the lecture.

9. Add 3 terms to the Study Guide (or 5 terms to earn credit for two questions).