World History Homework Eleven Answers - Student Seventeen

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Jonathan R.

1. What was the "Great War," and why was it called that? Who was on each side? The Great War was a network of alliances that culminated into a huge war where most of the world was fighting. The danger of this kind of war is that it can be started with the simplest act of provoking. On one side there was the Central Powers: Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. On the other were the Allies of Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Japan and, beginning in 1917, the United States.


2. Who won World War I? Explain the outcome. The Allies won. America had a great impact on the outcome of the war because Britain couldn’t do it alone. This victory took place in the Second battle of the Marne; America sent troops in to aid the British, but the amount of casualties were colossal for everyone and President Teddy Roosevelt’s son was killed in this battle.

Superb, will use as a model.

3. Pick your favorite battle of the War and describe it. Gallipoli is my favorite battle of the war because I‘ve always found it interesting and almost comical when people (in this case, the Allies) underestimate climate and terrain of a different country.

Excellent again.

4. When, where, why, and by whom did the Communist Revolution occur? It showed signs of starting by 1903, when the views of Karl Marx reached Russia, and it fully started in 1918, when Civil war broke out. The revolution occurred in Russia and the cause was inflation and the lack of food and fuel.


5. Pick an aspect of "Science and Art in the Early 20th Century" and describe it, along with your view. The “Big Bang”. It is a theory that says that was created by the Belgian Catholic priest, Georges-Henri Lemaître in 1927, and it says that there was a huge explosion out of nowhere and it created everything we know today. It completely removes God from the picture, and along with that, they’re giving out Nobel Prizes for it! And I’m sitting here wondering “why doesn’t Wendy’s get one for their Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger?”

Superb, humorous commentary!

H7. Could the mistake of communism have been prevented with better ideas, such as better explanations of why communism is wrong? Discuss. I believe communism is good in theory, but when you apply it to a system of human minds, things go downhill fast. It is a good idea to share, but if you make it a law for people who work hard to give to a person who has lost their motive to work, it’s basically stealing.

Right, except I don't think it is good in theory either!

H1. Concerning "work", which do you prefer, the motto of Captain John Smith or of Leon Trotsky? I think John Smith’s motto really gives people the incentive to work for their own good, but Leon Trotsky’s focuses on obeying commands from a leader and just doing it. I’d have to go with John Smith on this one.

Superb, witty answers.