World History Homework Five Answers - Student 3

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1. What is the difference between the “Holy Roman Empire” and the Roman Empire?

The Holy Roman Empire began when Charlemagne was crowned as the Holy Roman Emperor in A.D 800. He was a strong Christian and once ordered for 4,500 Saxons to be beheaded after destroying his army.



3. Who was “Charles the Hammer,” and why was he important?

“Charles the Hammer” (Charles Martel) was the grandson of Charlemagne. He emerged from Gaul, which is modern day France, and greatly expanded the territory of his people, the Franks.

Right, but could also mention the Battle of Tours. (Minus 1)

4. Explain what Feudalism in Western Europe?

Feudalism began when Charlemagne’s three sons, after much dispute, spit Western Europe three ways at the treaty of Verdun. This was when Feudalism began. Feudalism was a system that consisted of Lords who owned the Land, and in return, allowed the Peasants to come on it so long as they worked for him. One great thing that happened during that time was that much useless land was turned into prosperous farmland. Another great thing was that it solved a lot of the problems of homeless people. However it had a great weakness: it had no real solid Government, so it could have been easy for war to break out.

Good humor - feudalism solved "the problems of homeless people." Not sure that the lack of government made it more likely for a war to break out. The time period was relatively peaceful, much more than the 20th century in Europe! Good answer overall.


6. Discuss one of the major civilizations or tribes in Central and South America in the lecture, and contrast it with another major civilization or tribe from that area.

The Aztecs were the most brutal of all of the ancient tribes. But they were also arguably the most resourceful. They believed strongly in human sacrifice, and the sacrifice of children to the Gods, they had many means by which they would sacrifice the people. They had wise battle tactics, and were fearless fighters. They also participated in long and drawn out ball games. If any tribe was more resourceful than the Aztecs, then it would have been the Mayans. They had an extremely large city and famous ruins that exist to this day. They also participated in human sacrifice but it wasn’t quite as brutal as the human sacrifice that the Aztecs performed. There were many philosophers and mathematicians also who derived from the Mayans.

Excellent answer.

7. Discuss feudalism and religion in Japan

During Western Europe’s period in which they were Feudalistic, Japan also became Feudalistic. But they combined it with their main religion, Shinto, in which a Japanese leader is also a God.

Good, could expand and say more.


9. What was the Carolingian Court?

The Carolingian Court was begun by Charlemagne; it was a Christian empire basically. It was very kind and fair to all Christians.

OK, but might add some time periods to your answer.


Grade: 59/60, including several superb answers.--Andy Schlafly 21:20, 15 October 2011 (EDT)