World History Homework Four

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World History Homework Four
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

Answer 6 out of the following 8 questions:

1. What was the Roman Empire great at, and what was it not-so-great or even terrible at? Explain briefly

2. Discuss the Byzantine Empire and explain its relationship with the Roman Empire.

3. When did the Roman Empire begin, and when did it end? When did the Roman Republic begin, and when did it end?

4. Discuss Pax Romana and its historical significance.

5. Explain who Julius Caesar was, and why he was important.

6. Identify and discuss three of the Roman Emperors.

7. Pick either Hannibal or Attila the Hun, and explain their role in history.

8. Write about 100 words on any topic from the lecture. For example, your essay might discuss how powerful (and concise) the language of the Roman empire was (Latin).

Honors Questions (answer any 2 of the following, in addition to the above questions):

H1. What do you think was the biggest one or two causes of the decline and fall of the Roman empire?

H2. Do you agree think Romans really lacked any understanding of an objective truth, as reflected by Pilate's response to Jesus at His trial? Explain your view.

H3. Discuss Roman law, and its influence on world history.

H4. Discuss rights that Paul (the author of many letters in the New Testament) enjoyed as Roman citizen, rights not enjoyed by Jesus's other disciples. Do you think that was proper for the Roman Empire to give special rights to its citizens compared with everyone else?