World History Homework Four Answers - Student 7

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1. Who is your favorite Roman emperor, and why?

My personal favorite of the Roman emperors was Julius Ceaser, mainly because out of all of the Roman emperors, he seemed to me to be the least immoral. He also gained order in Rome, and did so very cleverly and strategically.

Excellent. Note correct spelling: Julius Caesar (a before the e).

2. Describe what the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire were, including approximate dates.

The Roman Republic was founded by the two brothers Romulus and Remus in 753. Romulus eventually killed Remus so he could take all of the power. Rome probably didn’t truly become an Empire until after they had won the Punic Wars and Octavian (Augustus) was made dictator 27 B.C to A.D 14 which included the time when Jesus was born.



4. Explain what Pax Romana was.

The Pax Romana translates from Latin to “The Roman Peace” and it was a period under the rule of the “Five Good Emperors” in which Rome withdrew from civil war and enjoyed peace.


5. Discuss Hannibal or Attila the Hun.

Attila the Hun is the main reason that for Rome’s eventual demise. He was a monster of a human being, and led many ferocious attacks on Rome. He could shoot an arrow perfectly while riding a horse, and was said to eat animals raw. He was about to lay his final siege on Rome, when somehow Pope Leo convinced him to turn back and change his mind. He didn’t exactly die a warrior’s dream death, he died of a nosebleed

Witty conclusion!


7. Julius Ceaser: a hero or a villain? Explain.

He himself wasn’t a bad person, and he was a genius of a leader. But he was the precursor of all of Rome’s brutal violence toward Christians.

Right. Good work.

Honors Questions (answer any 2 in the addition to the above questions)

H3 Discuss rights that Paul enjoyed as a Roman citizen, rights not enjoyed be Jesus’s other disciples.

The Roman law says that you’re not allowed to scourge a Roman Citizen, when Paul was about to be scourged for boldly sharing his faith, he told them he was a Roman citizen, they immediately let him go, whereas all of the other disciples except for John were eventually crucified because of their faith.


H4 The decline and fall of the Roman Empire: what do you think was its biggest cause?

I think that all of the brutal attacks by the Huns were possibly the biggest reason for the demise of Rome, it might not be what eventually caused them to fall but I think it’s what played the biggest part.


Daniel N.

Grade: 70/70. Excellent work.--Andy Schlafly 22:25, 8 October 2011 (EDT)