World History Homework Four Answers - Student Two

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1.Who is your favorite Roman emperor, and why?

My favorite Roman emperor is Augustus also named Octavius. Augustus was not the same kind of man like Caesar and Mark Anthony who in the end followed their heart instead of the wishes of the Roman people. Augustus, a business-like man, was gruff in manner and only was interested in money and power. He was not interested in romance or popular past-time enjoyments. Cleopatra tried to woo Augustus after her husband, Mark Anthony, died so that she could be confidant that she was safe from the Roman Empire. She knew the Roman people greatly disliked her. Augustus did not fall for Cleopatra’s charms as did Caesar and Mark Anthony. He did not want anything or anyone to get in the way of his job, which required much responsibility. Augustus was dedicated to his work as a dictator.

Excellent, insightful answer!

2.Describe what the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire were, including approximate dates.

The Roman Republic was the phase when the form of government was a republic in the ancient Roman civilization. It lasted from 509 BC, when the people overthrew the Roman monarchy, to 27 BC, for over 450 years until a series of civil wars broke out.

The Roman Empire was the period of time of the ancient Roman civilization before the idea of a Republic was established. It lasted from 27 BC to AD 476 until the western empire collapsed. The Roman Empire is greatly known for its tyrannical form of government and large territorial holdings.

Correct. Well done!

4. Comment on the significance of the Roman language, Latin.

Latin, the prominent language in the West, did not have the indistinctness of meaning like other languages. The system of government flourished since people could now precisely express themselves. Before Latin was used people may have understood each other differently which may have restricted trade and communication. The Latin language was significant in the growth and success of the Roman Empire.


5. Explain what Pax Romana was.

The Pax Romana or Roman Peace in Latin refers to the prime of glory in the Roman Empire and the great Romanization of the western world. It was the period between the rule of Augustus in 27 BC to the death of Marcus Aurelius in AD 180. The Roman law, language, and army helped bring order and economic success to the provinces. The Pax Romana was a chance for the Roman Empire to prove to the world how powerful it was.

Correct again!

6. Current events question: What about the decline of the Roman Empire reminds you of the United States today? (Possibilities could be: in-fighting for government positions like the Illinois Senate seat, moral decay, economic decline, weakness to attack by foreign enemies, etc.)

As the Roman Empire, the United States starts to deteriorate due to moral decay and the controversy for positions with power. The United States is forgetting why foreigners came to settle this world. They came here to worship God freely without someone commanding them to do otherwise. This country was made up of the outcasts and the poor searching for a better life. They came here to be free from the corruption of morals and government in their own country, but now we have caught the disease and are contaminated with jealousy and hunger for power and not for God. The Roman Empire started with a group of outcasts who were willing to create a new empire so that they may have a new start, but as time went on the people engulfed themselves in their own spoils and not in work that results in progress. People are now looking for the easiest way to do things even though it may take less work from you it is more work in the end.

Fantastic answer. May use as a model!

7. Challenging question (choose "a" or "b"): ( a) all of world history so far in this course can be attributed either to God paving the way for Jesus, or the devil creating obstacles for Him. Discuss.

I think that the devil has contributed to the history of the world. He uses the weakness of man to create obstacles for Jesus. The devil wants to create some way to tempt each of us to leave God and follow him. He is jealous of us because we have the chance to be with God eternally and he wants to destroy all our chances of going to heaven since he will never be welcomed there again. He does not want a mere human being to receive something that he is not able to get. The devil does not want Jesus to love us and he will make sure that he does everything in his power to separate God’s children from Him. He cannot understand how Jesus could love such a weak and sinful being and give them continual chances to repent. All of history is the battle between the devil and God over the souls of His children.

Superb answer, also model quality.

H3. Discuss rights that Paul enjoyed as Roman citizen, rights not enjoyed by Jesus's other disciples.

Since Paul was a Roman citizen he received many special rights that others could not enjoy. Paul was able to argue his case and even speak to the emperor if he wished. Even though his life was not spared, he was killed a faster and less painful way than Jesus’s other disciples. Most of Jesus’s disciples died on the cross as he did, but Paul was executed by the sword.

Perfect answers, including a mode answer! 70/70. Congratulations again!--Andy Schlafly 17:06, 1 March 2009 (EST)