World History Homework Nine Answers - Student 4

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World History Homework Karl F.

1. Now that I have taken the Midterm exam, I can improve when I take he final test by studying harder and longer, and also applying myself better than I did the first time.


2. The French Revolution is the most famous revolution in world history. It was the fact that people were tired of the excessive taxing & social system in France and the people wanted change wanted change.

OK, but needs more substance in this answer, and there is an error at the end: "wanted change wanted change." (Minus 1)

3. Music underwent revolutions along with literature. One man was tired of the same old thing and wanted to change the way the world thought and heard music. Beethoven was one of the greatest composers in all of history. He revolutionized instrumental music completely and brought it to new heights.


4. My view of Napoleon is that he was a smart and ambitious leader. He made a very smart move by making peace with all of his enemy`s, and the fact that he completely reformed taxation in France is amazing. In my eyes Napoleon was a very smart man until the end.

OK, but more substance is needed here also. "smart" is mentioned three times without explaining fully why. (Minus 1).

5. The congress of Vienna was started in the aftermath of Napoleon`s defeat. Six Nations all met in Vienna to discuss a balance of power among these rival nations so none of these nations could threaten the other. The Congress of Vienna also wanted to make sure that there would be no more oppression in France.

Good work. Grade: 48/50.--Andy Schlafly 17:37, 13 November 2011 (EST)