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Homework answers for MaxFletcher (Completed)

1. Which do you think was the most important invention, idea or law discussed in the lecture? Include in your answer the "when, where, what, why and how."

I think the concept of monotheism, given to us by the ancient Hebrews in region which would become Israel is the most important idea. It brought us the concept one God and one covenant. Paving the way for Christianity as we know it today
Superb answer - could become a model answer!

2. Pick one of the major ancient empires mentioned in the lecture, and describe basic information about it. Include in your answer a reference to how it compared with another ancient empire mentioned in the lecture.

The Egyptian Empire flourished from around 3000BC right up until several decades before Christ when it was conquered by Alexander the Great. It had a sophisticated written language, irrigation and agriculture. Egypt was ruled by kings (known as Pharaohs) over several different kingdoms and flourished in trades and sciences. The pyramids are one of the great symbols of the ancient world. Compared to other ancient kingdoms Egypt seems to be the most instantly recognisable and intensely studied which has carried on right through to our modern times.
Terrific answer.

3. There are several tables in the lecture containing various estimated dates. Pick one of those estimated dates and explain either why it surprises you, why you think it may be wrong, or why you know it is correct.

What I find most surprising is the date of the flood when contrasted with the Egyptian empire. Only some 300 years had passed, three generations (give or take) and already an empire had begun! I am thinking that perhaps those dates are incorrect and the Egyptian empire started later. As I have read on conservapedia some dating techniques, such as carbon dating, are under some dispute so if using said techniques to date the beginning of the empire they may need to be recalibrated.
Good point - but 300 years is more than 3 generations! Perhaps it is 30, which could result in a population of many thousands. (Minus 2).

4. Either write an essay of at least 150 words in length on any aspect of the lecture, or add or fill in 3 important terms from the lecture for the Study Guide at the link above (mention in your homework which three terms you picked).

I added the terms:

Stone age

Good choices.

See here

Extra Credit (regular or Honors)
7. What is your favorite mystery about the ancient world, and what do you think explains it? Some suggested possibilities include:

My favourite mystery is definitely the creation of the pyramids. Many people believe that aliens could have helped but that is just plain silly. I like to believe that the pharaohs conscripted people thought-out the region but whether these people were paid or were slaves we’ll never know.
There's also the issue of technology regardless of who did the work. (4 out of 5 points)
38/40 plus 4 points, for a total of 42. Well done!--Andy Schlafly 18:43, 9 September 2011 (EDT)