World History Homework One Answers - Student 20

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1. I think letters and pictographs (drawings resembling shapes of things) that were made around 3400 BC in Southern Mesopotamia was a great invention because without any form of writing there could be no written laws.

2. The Assyrian empire was a very strong empire responsible for defeating Israel in 772 BC but was later defeated by the Chaldean empire led by the leader Nebuchadnezzar.

3. The creation of Adam and Eve (3700-4004) B.C Surprised me, because the earliest homosapien skull found was dated 154,000-160,000 years ago which is much earlier than the listed date of Adam and Eve.

4. The Position of Egyptian Woman in Ancient Times

In ancient times, many countries had male rulers or leaders; this of course was understandable at the time because most men were much stronger and reliable leaders than women were. But one country did not follow this understanding completely, Egypt. In Egypt women actually had a reasonable amount of power. For example, back then husbands almost had complete control over their wives; the women were not able to make many choices in their family. But in Egypt the women were allowed to make their own choices, they were even allowed to divorce their husbands. By far the most powerful Egyptian woman in history was the empress Cleopatra. Cleopatra was seen as a goddess by her people as well as the entire known world. Cleopatra reign lasted for a reasonable amount of time. Until her fleet was defeated by the Roman named Octavian. Out despair she killed herself with a venom’s snake.