World History Homework One Answers - Student Seven

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1.I hope to be able to understand all of the many cultures that are in the world today and be able to compare current events with the events of History.


2.I think the date of the flood is the most interesting to me because it is something that is in every culture and it can be traced by scientific means.


3.Hammurabi’s code was successful in make the Babylonian culture powerful because it was very strict and caused people to be more wary in committing crimes.


4.The Assyrian Empire, Chaldean Empire and the Persian Empire. I liked the Chaldean empire because of their military dominance and their king Nebuchadnezzar.

Excellent. Will use as a model answer.

5.The Israeli/Palestine conflict.

Good, might say more. (Minus 1).

6.The three kingdoms of ancient Egypt are the periods that the history of Egypt is divided into. The achievements of the Egyptians are very great. They were great architects and were able to build amazing things. Even though their language was weak their hieroglyphs still remain for us to read today.

Good, need a bit more detail, like the names and time periods of the three kingdoms. (Minus 1).
Score: 58/60. Good start!