World History Homework Seven Answers - Student Thirteen

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Michelle F

1. Approximately when and where did the Renaissance occur?

The Renaissance started in Italy and spread throughout Europe, starting in the 1300s and continuing until the 1500s and even a little until the 1600s. The Renaissance brought an end to the Middle Ages.


2. Martin Luther: who was he, what did he do, and when did he do it?

Where does one start? He had been a law student until 1505, when he was caught in a horrendous storm, in which he promised his life to God if he lived. As he did live, he fulfilled his vow. The next notable date in his life was October 31, 1517, when he nailed the 95 Theses to the door of a church in Wittenburg. The Diet of Worms declared him an outlaw in the Edict of Worms. But Luther was not found; he was hiding at the Wartburg Castle, in Eisenach, under the protection of Frederick the Wise. Luther was also strongly anti-Semitic, and encouraged the burning of witches. He died in 1546.

Superb, thorough answer. Could be a model answer.

3. What was the Baroque style, and what was its motivation?

The Baroque style was part of the Counter-Reformation; its purpose was to appeal spiritually to the listener and viewer. Another purpose was to spread Catholic influence into Protestant regions. The subjects in paintings were not idealized, but were human, and realistic. The paintings were characterized by dramatic contrasts between light and dark, also known as chiaroscuro.

Terrific answer again, could also be a model.

4. Summarize the history of the English language.

Old English, Middle English (Anglo-Saxon), and Modern English. Old English was used until shortly after the Norman invasion in 1066, when Latin caused many improvements, leading to Middle English. Modern English was used after the Middle Ages; in the 1500s.


5. Chinese dynasties (any one or all), Vietnam, Korea and Cambodia: take your pick and write about one.

The three kingdoms of the Korean peninsula were first united under the Silla dynasty in A.D. 668. In 935 The Koryo dynasty emerged after overthrowing the Silla dynasty. Korea is named for this dynasty. After being invaded by the Mongols, scholars took over and established the Choson, or, Yi dynasty in 1392.


6. Why did the Renaissance occur in Europe, and not in other areas of the world, such as Asia?

The influence of the Catholic Church probably had something to do with it. The Church valued knowledge, encouraged learning, and was a patron of the arts. In Asia, there was no well established Church that valued these things, so why would people devote their time and effort to them?


7. Current events: Whom would you describe as "Machiavellian" today, and why?

Rod Blagojevich, former governor of Illinois. Trying to sell the Senate seat, mail fraud, and attempting to bribe the Chicago Tribune, (with state funds), yes, Blagojevich is definitely a prime example.

Terrific, could also use this as a model.

H1. What are the particular strengths and advantages of the English language?

English is a relatively easy language to print, as there are no accents on letters, or weird letters, or whatever. New words are easy to form, and, once you learn the alphabet, the rest of the language is fairly easy to learn. English is also taken from many different languages, including Latin and Greek, so it bears some similarity to other languages.

H6. Chivalry, revisited: write about any aspect of this issue that you like.

This past week I have been actively looking for examples of chivalry, and examples of times when chivalry could have been practiced, but wasn’t. Maybe I have unusually nice friends, but I have lost count of how many times people hold the door for me, or offer to carry my stuff. And not just guys. I have girl friends who hold doors and help me carry stuff, too. I don’t think chivalry is as irrelevant or dead as people say.

Things are much better in the homeschool community than elsewhere. But we have room for improvement too. Being nice is part of it, but I think it goes beyond that in recognizing special strengths and weaknesses of different members and genders in society.
If you follow the news, Obama's making a joke about the Special Olympics (a competition by disabled people) was an example of lack of chivalry by the President. Liberals in general oppose chivalry because it interferes with self-worship and acting however they like for themselves. Abortion is the ultimate example of lack of chivalry.--Andy Schlafly 09:54, 22 March 2009 (EDT)

H8. Write about any other aspect of the material covered by the lecture.

When we discussed genocide in class, I was of the opinion that there must be examples of genocide that occurred prior to the 20th century. When I researched this later, I discovered that it was, in fact, invented to describe the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a horrible event, unprecedented, and one that will hopefully never be repeated. And as I looked at the other examples, they just didn’t seem to fit the definition, probably because they were not as horrible or shocking as the event that “genocide” was first used to describe.

Excellent. Could use this as a model also!
Fantastic homework answers, one of the best in the entire class all year! 100/100. Congratulations!!