World History Homework Six

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World History Homework Six
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

You can substitute in a question from honors into your regular assignment, if you are not in honors. You can also substitute in a question raised from class or the lecture.

1. Identify the time period of the Middle Ages, and when the Crusades occurred within that period.

2. Who conquered the largest contiguous region in world history, and when?

3. Which of these modern countries were able to establish nation-states in the Middle Ages, and which were not: Germany, France, England and Italy?

4. Pick your favorite medieval architecture and describe something about it.

5. Pick one of the African kingdoms described in the lecture, and explain it.

6. Pick your favorite aspect of Scholasticism, and describe something about it, or your view of it.

7. Current events: What was the biggest effect of the Crusades in the Middle Ages, and why do people avoid using the term "Crusade" today?

Honors Questions (answer any 3 in addition to the above questions)

H1. Comment on any ontological or cosmological proof of the existence of God.

H2. What is your view of the "Great Schism"?

H3. Do you think Joan of Arc had a calling from God?

H4. Several young teenagers played a very influential role in history in this lecture. Is that to be encouraged today, or is it impossible now?

H5. What is your view of the Crusades?

H6. Compare and comment on Muslim architecture to Romanesque or Gothic architecture. (This requires going beyond the lecture.)

H7. Are nation-states needed to guard against future plagues?