World History Homework Ten

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World History Homework Ten
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture. Then answer five of the following questions (honors answer seven):

1. The Industrial Revolution: when, where, what, and why, and who was critical of it and why?

2. Discuss and describe imperialism, when it occurred and where, and who supported and opposed it.

3. Discuss and explain your view of any of these ideas that developed during the time period of the lecture: utilitarianism, evolution, socialism or communism. Include mention of when and where the idea arose.

4. Pick any aspect of Latin American, Asian, or African history in the lecture, and describe it.

5. What was nationalism? Include when, where, who, etc.

6. Discuss the Ottoman Empire, or Japan during the time period of the lecture.

7. Write an essay about any issue related to the lecture.

8. How did India have an influence on who won the American Civil War? Explain, including a brief discussion of India at that time.

9. "Otto von Bismarck was one clever politician!" Discuss.