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1. Describe the industrial revolution…including your view of it.

The industrial revolution started in 1760 in England. It also spread further around Europe, effecting countries such as France and Germany. Eventually, (after a few hundred years) most of the world became industrialized, although some Middle Eastern countries are still too stubborn to accept the advancement of industrialization, because of their religion. Anyways, the two main advances made in industrialism were that of technology and culture. It was an exciting time and the world was becoming more efficient and a better place to be, that is, if you were rich or middle class, however though, if you were poor, it was a hard time to live, some of the Charles Dickens books describe this problem really well, aside from this problem though I feel that the Industrial Revolution was a very good thing.

Good analysis, though note that the Amish in Pennsylvania and the Midwest also reject technology. Such rejection can be the result of sincerely held religious values.

2. Describe imperialism…including your view of it.

Imperialism was basically the act of one larger nation, taking control of another smaller nation. One of the greatest examples of successful imperialism are the British colonies, we can give a lot of credit for the success of America to the British. Many countries have used imperialism, and when used in the right way, it can be very successful; however, I feel that too often it can result in the smaller country forming a rebellion. Even one of the most successful uses of imperialism, (mentioned above) ended up in the revolutionary war. So I feel that imperialism, while sometimes successful, should not be overused at all.

Superb answer. (Your first comma and the one in the second-to-last sentence should be deleted.)

3. Pick any aspect of African or Asian history in the lecture, and describe it.

Imperialism eventually expanded into Southeast Asia, certain European countries such as Britain and France were imperializing Southeast Asia by making trading routes with them. Indonesia was one of the most popular countries for trading with in all of Southeast Africa.

Good. (Need a "with" added after your first comma.)

6. Discuss the work of Karl Marx or Charles Darwin, or both.

Karl Marx is possibly most well none for his book The Communist Manifesto, this book laid the groundwork down for communism and is probably a big reason that communism became such a problem. Darwin was, without a doubt in my mind, the biggest tragedy that ever happened to science. Even though his ideas, at first were thought to be absurd and ridiculous, they are now what is taught in school today, and are considered to be just as reliable as Christianity, or even more reliable.

Excellent criticism of two wrong ideas.

7. Discuss classical economics or utilitarianism.

John Stuart Mill was probably the person who brought utilitarianism into effect, however he wasn’t one who proposed the idea, all credit for the idea goes to Jeremy Bentham. The idea of Utilitarianism is basically to prevent harm in the most efficient way, which means that if killing one innocent person, ten other innocent people can live more efficiently, the government is to do so wholeheartedly, regardless of whether or not it is morally correct. This does not line up at all with what the bible tells us, so I believe that Utilitarianism should not be practiced under any circumstances.

Right. You explain the concept of utilitarianism and its flaws well.

8. Explain what nationalism is, providing an example.

Nationalism was the idea that all countries in a nation must work together to produce the best nation possible. It was a weak form of government and didn’t seem to work very effectively. A good example of Nationalism was in Europe between Italy and Germany.

Not quite. Nationalism is based in one country, not a group of countries, and it can be extremely effective, as in Germany and Japan in the 20th century. (Minus 1).

Daniel N.

Grade: 59/60. Excellent work.--Andy Schlafly 11:08, 20 November 2011 (EST)