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1.Describe the Industrial Revolution ... including your view of it.

The industrial revolution which began in England in 1760 was a period where everyone in the world experienced an increase in manufacturing. Goods were mass produced in factories which enabled them to be made quicker and more efficiently thus resulting in a better profit. The industrial revolution also was responsible for the population of city areas. The industrial revolution helped to advance the technology of the world.

Very good answer.

2.Describe imperialism ... including your view of it.

Imperialism is when one country extends its spheres of power and controls or presides over some other country or nation. There are four different forms of imperialism. The first form; holding direct influence over a nation like England and the colonies. The second form; protecting smaller countries from from invasions by other nations. A modern day example of this is Guam. The third; “spheres of influence,” when countries have a certain privilege over a particular region. The last form is called, “economic imperialism,” meaning that outside influence came about by a private business not a country. I disagree with imperialism as a whole. I do not think that it is fair for the larger countries to take advantage of the smaller countries by exerting their power over them. If the smaller countries want help from the larger ones, than they can ask for it, they should not have to be forced in to it.

Excellent answer, the best in the class. (Note, however, that your answer misuses the semicolon ";". It should be a colon ":").

5.Pick and describe 3 terms (5 for credit for two questions) and describe them in the World History Study Guide from 1648.

Enclosure Movement: Early 1700's during the industrial revolution in England.. Wealthy farmers bought land from small farmers, benefiting from economies of scale in farming huge tracts of land.

Virginia Declaration of Rights: A declaration of rights made by the representatives of the people of Virginia on June 7, 1776 written by George Mason. This later influenced the writting of the Declaration of Independance.

Louisiana Purchase: 1803 Was the transfer of the western half of the Mississippi Valley from Spain and France to the United States.

Factors of production: Inputs used by companies to produce goods. Basic models of production have two input factors, labor and capital.

The Communist Manifesto: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848. It lays the foundation for Marxist thinking, teaching that class struggles are the origin of all progress in society.

Very good, two answer-credits-worth.

6.Discuss the work of Karl Marx or Charles Darwin, or both.

Karl Marx was a German who published a book entitled, The Communist Manifesto in 1848. In his book, Marx describes an idea to benefit society and class struggle. This idea became popularly known as communism. Marx believed that society would be better off if the government interfered and forced the rich to redistribute their wealth to the poor. This idea in theory sounds good, but in reality it is a real evil. Communist discourages individuality and forces people to “help” the poor and to give up what they have. I think that the ideas of communism penned by Karl Marx were one of the most influential ideas of the 1800's. Karl Marx's ideas still influence society today and have been the cause of numerous wars in world history.


8.Explain what nationalism is, providing an example.

Nationalism is a concept where people view loyalty to their nation of origin as a part of their identity. Nationalism became widespread around the 1800s. This helped citizens of the same countries to become united. One example of this was the German people. When the prime minster Otto Von Bismark united the country by waging war. This he thought would unite the country, and it did in a way. His declaration of war against Napoleon III eventually led to the unification of the new German Empire.

Superb first sentence in your answer, which will be added to the Study Guide: "Nationalism is a concept where people view loyalty to their nation of origin as a part of their identity." The remainder of the answer is also good.

Alexa W

Grade: 60/60. Very good answers.--Andy Schlafly 11:53, 20 November 2011 (EST)