World History Homework Twelve Answers - Student 2

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World History Homework Karl F.

1. By Order of influence, I have listed these people by greatest influence to least. Jesus, Muhammad, Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler, Augustus Caesar.

Good choices for ranking by influence. I would agree with the first three. Most would agree that Hitler had a very bad influence, so ranking him #4 is plausible. I think ranking Augustus Caesar as #5 is the most questionable on your list. Overall, your answer is excellent.

2. By order of influence, I have listed these scientific breakthroughs from greatest to least.

The Discovery that the Earth is round, Evolution, Germs, Gravity, The Atom.

Your top ranking is superb. The other four are more debatable, but they also had substantial influence.

3. Cryptology is the practice and study of secure communication. The Enigma was developed by the Germans to send messages back and forth without being understood. Many Germans thought that the code the Enigma used was unbreakable, but in 1932, a 27-year old polish mathematician named Marian Rejewski broke the Enigma code.

Superb answer.

4. I believe that history does repeat itself. When Alexander tried to take over the world, he conquered almost everything except a certain area. When Adolf Hitler tried to take over the world, he conquered almost everything except a certain area. And just the fact that two people tried to take over the world only a couple hundred years apart of each other is amazing to me.

They were a few thousand years apart from each other. (Minus 1) But good answer otherwise.

5. In my honest opinion, I believe that General Douglas MacArthur was right. I have no idea why President Truman did not want MacArthur to help rid Korea of Communism once and for all. I think it was a brilliant idea on MacArthur`s part and if I were President at the time, I would have approved his plans despite disobeying my commander-in-chief.

Excellent answer, but the President is the commander-in-chief, so if you were president, there would have been no disagreement.
Grade: 49/50. Good finish to the written homework assignments for the course.--Andy Schlafly 19:14, 10 December 2011 (EST)