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Answer 4 out of 6 questions below:

1. When did the Greek empire exist, and what events mark its beginning and its end?

2. What is your favorite Aesop's Fable, and why? Explain.

3. Pick one of the Greek philosophers and compare and contrast him with another Greek philosopher.

4. Explain how the expansion and influence of the Greek culture became useful to the growth of Christianity. Mention the role played by Alexander the Great.

5. Pick two of the important ancient empires other than the Greek empire, and briefly describe them.

6. Write 150 words on any aspect of the lecture, or describe 3 important terms from the lecture (such as adding them to the study guide above).

Honors Questions (answer any 2 in addition to the above questions)

7. Write an essay of 200 words on any aspect of one or more ancient languages, such as their development or origins (or add 5 terms with descriptions to the study guide).

8. What weaknesses, if any, do you see in the ancient Greek democracy?

9. Discuss the ancient Persian empire, and suggest reasons why it could not withstand the expansion of Alexander the Great.

10. Discuss any aspect of the lecture.