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*[[Famous Sculptures]]
*[[Famous Sculptures]]
*[[Ethnic Groups Gallery]]
*[[Ethnic Groups Gallery]]
[[File:China The Great Wall.jpg|thumb|center|China, The Great Wall.]]
== External links ==
== External links ==

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World Treasures



Avenue of Sphinxes Egypt.jpg

Avenue of Sphinxes Egypt.

The Americas

Estela de luz, Mexico

Estela de Luz, Mexico.


Jahangiri Mahal - Agra Fort India.jpg

Agra Fort India.



El Escorial Spain.jpg

El Escorial Spain.

Guest treasure

Great Mosque Xi an China.jpg

Great Mosque in Xi'an China

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See also

Basilica of San Vicente, Avila, Spain.

China, The Great Wall.

External links

Saladin's tomb, Syria
Azambuja, Portugal.