Worship system

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One's worship system consists of the focus of his attention, be it God, status, exaggerated scarcity (like money), himself, or something entirely imaginary like a view of one's past.

A worship system can be evaluated by how much time, energy, and worry one places in something on a daily basis.

Belief systems may simply be an imprecise descriptions of underlying worship systems.

The fundamental commandment of Christianity is defined in terms of worship, not belief: love thy God with thy entire heart, mind and soul.


Atheism is a lack of a worship system. Anti-theism is a hatred of theism and any sort of worship system. Though most Anti-theist are also Atheist they both don't mean the same thing. None-theist are people who don't subscribe to any worship system and often distance themselves from the other two groups whom they regard as theisms in some cases.